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Uzantılar ve duvar kağıtları Opera tarayıcısı için hazırlanmış.

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  • akü tasarrufu
  • ücretsiz VPN

Uzantılar ve duvar kağıtları Opera tarayıcısı için hazırlanmış.

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Gizlilik sözleşmesi

The following pieces of non sensitive data are send to the server at
Entered username, entered room code (if joining an existing room), current URL, current score of the quiz (if connected to a room).

This data is only temporarily stored on the sever while the room exists. Rooms are deleted when there are no players in them. This data is also sent to the other players in room you have connected to, this is what allows the live display of all the players scores on the current quiz. The data that other players receive is removed on browser restarts, and on disconnecting from the room.

Any host player may save the room, which will store the current state of the scores on in their internal browser storage. Only the usernames and scores are part of this stored information.

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