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Піктограма Tomba : Email Finder

Tomba : Email Finder

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Data to power your entire business, with just one click.
Tomba.io is an Email Finder for B2B sales and email marketing . We are collecting and crafting public data using our Robots to provide an advanced prospecting tool to help professionals
Data at scale
Direct from source 
Tech driven

✔Tomba allows you to:

★ find email addresses
★ find company information 
★ Check company social profiles
★ check email pattern
★ Find emails for a specific job title
★ Find a specific person's email
★ The Confidence Score
★ Export the email addresses found in CSV
★ you can save in email by clicking the save as lead button

✔ Who uses Tomba Email Finder
-  Sales professionals
-  Lead generation teams 
-  Recruiters
-  Human resource professionals 
-  Business executives, Business analysts & Marketing consultants 

-  Hubspot
-  Mailchimp
-  PipeDrive
-  Airtable
-  Zapier

How to get started ?

1- First install the Tomba Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store (click on "Add to Chrome")

2- Go to any website and click on the Tomba button in your upper right window

Tomba ensures that you have more:

 ✔ Accurate information
 ✔ Productivity 
 ✔ Business opportunities
 ✔ Time

✔ Join Tomba right now for a free plan and get 50 searches and 50 email vitrification   every month!


✔ Get up to 150 free credits when you sign up to test our tool!

Tomba has other useful tools, including, the Domain search, Email Finder , Email Verifier ,Bulk Domain search,  Bulk Email Finder , Bulk Email Verifier

Does not interfere with other email addresses finder chrome extensions including most popular clearbit, hunter, rocketreach, scrapp and works alongside with them.

✔ Email Finder permissions
1."tabs" - is using the chrome.tabs API (getting bookmark links, creating new tabs with our link, reloading open pages of app.tomba.io)
2."http://*/" - access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)
3."https://*/" - access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)

Tomba is really easy to install and work with. 

here are huge efforts made by Tomba team behind Email Finder.

We hope you will enjoy the app and would like to encourage you to express your thoughts and let us know about any issues via the website chat window or on contact@tomba.io

Give us a a try and compare it with: Connectifier, Prophet, Lusha, Hiretual, Email Hunter, or any other product out there!

Tomba's general terms and conditions: https://tomba.io/terms-of-service

Tomba's privacy policy: https://tomba.io/privacy-policy

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