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Gizlilik sözleşmesi

We, Facemail Company (hereinafter – “Company” or “We”) respect the right to privacy of personal information of users and visitors of our site (hereinafter – “you”), as indicated in the “Terms of Use”.
We recognize that each user and visitor has the right to know what information we use and store during his/her use of We strive to provide the most intuitive and simple privacy policy. Among other things, our privacy policy will show you what information we collect, how and where we use it, in which cases we make it available to third parties, as well as what we do to protect it. Instructions in this section will help you use the site properly.
We ask you to read the conditions of Privacy Policy very carefully and contact us if you have any questions or ambiguities. Sometimes our Privacy Policy gets updated, so look through it once in a while.
By accepting the Privacy Policy you automatically confirm that you agree with terms and conditions, indicated therein, including conditions of using your personal information as it is specified below. If you do not agree with terms of Privacy Policy, you better not use our site.
What information do we collect about our users?

A.Impersonal information – information that is unable to identify the user or anonymous information. Simply put, we don’t know who is the person whose information we are receiving. Like in majority of sites, this information consists of technical data and behavioral patterns of the users.
Technical information:
Type of operational system
Type of browser
Your package on
Your email service
Browser and keyboard language
Other technical information.
Behavioral patterns:
– User’s activity
– General statistic information
Please, bear in mind that we may use services of third parties and organizations to collect personal information.
B.Personal information – that identifies personality of the user.
Personal information that we keep includes personal data that is provided voluntarily by user or during registration.
We respect and protect every email sent to us.
In order to avoid any misunderstanding we would like to emphasize that any impersonal information, added to the personal information is considered personal information.
If you are connected to the service provider – third party Company, when you connect for the first time they will ask for permission to use your personal data (name, profile picture and your gender); last profile status update; page of your administrator; your location, provided in your profile; recently published information; users ID that is linked to your name an picture.
We do not collect personal information without your consent.
We never keep and use information from your private correspondence.
Ways of collecting information

A.While you are on the website you are informed about collection of the statistic data. In any case while you are on our website our server requests IP-address of your computer.]
B.You provide information voluntarily. If you wish to register on our site, we would ask you to provide your personal information. We could also ask for permission for public use of your data.
C.On our platform we store all information that you put in your signature on our servers.
D.We can track general personal information, regarding the use of an email. We do it only to improve the service.
Goals of collecting personal information:

To make use of the resource more comfortable. For example, based on the information we can edit the placement of buttons and links;
Find out about preferences of our customers;
Understand better demands of our current and potential clients;
Optimize management of the platform, promptly receive information about possible failures or malfunctions;
Anonymously provide information to our partners about statistic data, priorities of our clients in order to develop products that fully meet the needs of our visitors.
Transmission of information to third parties:

At the request of official governmental bodies in case it is needed for investigation;
To improve the existing security measures to prevent hacking of accounts;
In the course of the investigation and prevention of fraud;
In case of investigation we can use of your data without your consent;
In case of merger of the company or its acquisition by another company.
Impersonal information can be provided to third parties at out discretion.
Removal of personal data.

If you want to remove personal information from our servers, you would have to send us an appropriate request to:

When you are on our website, our server can save information about you, so that it could later provide you with login-free access to the site and remember your last settings. You may refuse the automatic saving of cookies. Most browsers offer this option.
We also use cookie-files, received from third parties.

We take strict measures to ensure the security of all information we hold. Yet, we cannot promise that unauthorized entry to our server will never happen. We cannot guarantee that in case of fraud your data and data from your devices will never be used.
Yet we remind you to keep your passwords confidential and never share them with third parties.

Provisions of this Privacy Policy may change. We encourage you to check this page from time to time in order to be informed about all the latest updates.

In case of any questions please contact our support service and we will try to get back at you as soon as possible.

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