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Face Mail

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Facemail (hereinafter “Company” or “we”) is happy to greet users on website.
On this resource, everyone can create a personalized email signature, using special programs (hereinafter – the “Software”), including programs that communicate with mail servers of different email services. All clients should use the given resource or platform in accordance with the following rules.
Acceptance of Terms

By accessing the site and using the services, you confirm that you accept the terms of use and privacy policy which can be found on page: …
You also confirm that you agree with responsibility for violation these rules, in accordance with effective legislation. If you do not agree with terms or with any part of them, you better refrain from visiting the site and use of the services in order to avoid misunderstandings.
These conditions can be reviewed and changed with subsequent notification or without any notice. We advise you to come here from time to time, to keep track of all the changes.
Description of services

By using our platform, you can create personalized signatures that will be added to your electronic letters. These signatures may contain your personal content and also content produced by third parties. Our server provides services to both registered and unregistered users. Registered users may go to paid packages that will provide access to a greater number of services and are subject to charges.

In order to sign in and create an account you would first have to provide information about yourself and fill out a registration form, or enter using the form of third parties, for example, when entering through a social network account.
Among other information, in order to register you we would need: your real name and email address. The list of required information may change in the future.
During the registration you will have to create your password that is better kept a secret.

We offer both free and Premium (paid) version. Each version is linked to a certain person and cannot be used by a group of people. If you are using the Premium version, you would have to make payment in accordance with your tariff plan on monthly or annual basis. Payment can be made through electronic payment systems, located on servers of third parties and companies. Adding payment for the services is your responsibility.
Users of monthly and annual rates may use the guaranteed return funds, which are completed within 14 days. This means that during 14 days (usually first 14 days of usage unless stated otherwise) client does not make any payment, or if the payment was made, it is reimbursed in full amount.
If you decide to stop using the service upon expiration of the warranty period, you will be charged with full payment for the next month. For example, if your warranty period expires on 31 March, and you send the request to stop using the service on 1 April, you will be charged for the whole month of April.
You can send application for termination of using our services to
Using service through the menu

Our service can be used with help of the menu buttons, located on third party servers. Using the server via menu is the subject of a separate agreement. It may change from time to time with notification of the users or without any notice.

Some actions are strictly prohibited on our platform. Please check the list of prohibited acts carefully, as their violation may result in cancellation of your subscription, and lead to administrative or criminal penalties.
It is prohibited:
Use the platform to sent junk mail or any other distribution;
Copy any part of the design or mechanism of our platform and use it on other sites without permission;
Create a browser around the site of the platform;
Deliberately disconnect site from the servers that manage the site;
Gather and use information on other users of the platform, including by means of automatic and electronic devices;
Provide false information about yourself upon registering on the platform;
Falsely indicate your affiliation to companies, web resources, or business. You are responsible for any statement which appears on your profile;
Pass, distribute or sell information that is subject to copyright of third parties;
Use platform for any illegal actions;
Any types of actions that may lead to overload of our servers, including placing unlimited content, elaborated with help of the platform;
Any other actions that may lead to decrease of platform’s performance and access to it.

All content, found on the platform, including programs, files, algorithms, patents, creations (the list is incomplete and may be extended) is subject to copyright and is protected by the legislation of governments and international conventions. Material owned by the third parties may be placed on the platform.
Content, created by users

The platform allows you to place, use and create your own content. We remind you that materials, created by you exclusively remain your property, no matter where they are located. However we ask you to pay attention that publishing your works on the Internet is solely your responsibility. The resource does not bare responsibility for illegal use of your content by the third parties. Also you agree not to post content developed by other users, if you are unauthorized to do so. You confirm that you acknowledge the responsibility for hosting content that violates the legislation.
By posting content on our website, you allow third parties to use and display your content. You also agree that the content posted on our site can be displayed on the Internet in direct link to the platform.
Users’ obligations

By using our resource, you agree not to violate clauses of the agreement and confirm that paragraphs of the agreement do not conflict with paragraphs of agreements and contracts of the other companies, organizations, individuals and resources that you are also involved with.
You realize that the Company may delete your content from the website without any explanation. Also, you do not mind the fact that the resource may have online advertisements. All advertisements are responsibility of companies that provide them. The resource is not responsible for validity of the information present in the advertisements.
Facemail, and also the logo of the resource are subjects to copyright and belong to the Company. The platform can also host other logos and brand names and their copyrights should belong to their owners.
Links to other resources

Our resource may contain links to other resources and sites. By proceeding to them, you should be aware of your responsibility. Our resource is not responsible for any consequences of your transition to other resources and websites. Most resources have their user agreements and terms of use. Please read them carefully before accessing.

We hereby declare that we do not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted operation of the resource. From time to time we will introduce changes, improvements and additions. During these works site may be temporarily unavailable.
Also, we cannot guarantee the untimely functioning of the resource. Site errors are possible but we will try to correct them as soon as possible. We do not guarantee that everything will be perfect, but we will strive for excellence.

You are using our resource at your own responsibility. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of improper use of the site.
Protection of copyright

The Company has great respect to anyone’s copyright. If you believe that certain content hosted on the resource by us or other users, violates the copyright of the owner, we would ask you to inform us immediately.
General provisions
This agreement cannot be used as a contract for the use of our resource within a franchise;
Any complaints with respect to the resource will be examined in accordance with effective legislation;
In the event of dispute between the users and us, the Company will take every effort to resolve it. If the conflict persists despite negotiations, then disputes will be reviewed in the courts in accordance with the effective legislation of Ukraine;
If any provision of this agreement, now or in the future would be in conflict with the effective legislation, such provision will be immediately deleted from the agreement;
The given agreement is the latest edition of the agreement and supersedes all previous agreements, which were signed between the users and us.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our support service:

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