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These extensions and wallpapers are made for the Opera browser.

Ikona balíka Ultralink


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When using ultralinks sourced from, we do not gather any user-specific data at all. We anonymously store web page information when a client requests analysis of specific content for the first time. This is so that we can supply the client with ultralinks relevant to the content. This information is also used to indicate what data needs to be deleted from our cache when relevant changes occur in the database. We consider this data stricly private and treat it as such. This data is deleted after 30 days (or less if a relevant database change has invalidated it). We store records of what ultralinks are associated with which web pages and how many times they occur on those pages. We also anonymously store ultralink clicks for analytics purposes.

When using the Ultralink web browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, usage data such as what browser/OS version you are using, what Ultralink extension settings you have set and whether you are making use of the Ultralink extension is transmitted to us for statistical purposes. This data does not include your browsing history or any personal or otherwise sensitive information. If you have authenticated the browser extension against your account, then this data is associated with your account. If not, then this data is associated with an anonymous identifier.

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