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Retningslinjer for personvern

We show how much we care about your privacy by being transparent. This privacy policy will help you understand what are the information we collect, the reason and how we handle your information at DeepVaultOnline. In this policy, you will be referred to as "You" or "User" and DeepVaultOnline will be referred to as "", "DeepVaultOnline" or "DeepVault".

DeepVaultOnline does not collect your name, email, location, or other identifiable information unless you choose to provide them through the website. DeepVaultOnline collects other un-identifiable information automatically from DeepVaultOnline visitors, in order to understand how DeepVaultOnline is being used and how we can make it better, easier and more usable for our visitors. If you create an account at DeepVaultOnline by signing up, the data you provide will be stored in an encrypted database. The collected data from using your account will be used for the sole purpose of providing you, the user, with statistics and information related to using our provided services at DeepVaultOnline. All the information we collect, whether identifiable or non-identifiable, will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold.

Types of information we collect

When you visit or browse DeepVaultOnline, the following information will be automatically collected:
IP address.
Date and time of visit.
Operating system.
Browser name, version and language.
Visited pages at DeepVaultOnline.
Which page directed you to DeepVaultOnline.
Device type (a desktop or a mobile device).
Screen resolution.
Time spent on each page.
How far did the scroll move down the page.
Interactions with the page (clicking links and buttons).

DeepVaultOnline requires Javascript to be enabled in order to provide you with DeepVault services. Javascript is used to provide a pleasant experience when visiting DeepVaultOnline.

Browser Cookies
DeepVaultOnline uses browser cookies to enable user account login. Cookies are also used to measure the number of visitors to our site and its various sections.

Information provided by the user
Any information you enter in DeepVaultOnline is stored mainly to provide you, the account user, of statistics about your usage of the DeepVaultOnline services. For example, your account will show you a list of all the files you registered or verified using DeepVaultOnline. Other information may be collected from visitors as general site statistics. Here are the information that will be stored:

The email address of the user.
The name of the user, which is optional.
The name of the company, which is optional.
The website of the company, which is optional.
The account avatar, which is optional.
The address entered by the user to register or verify a file.
The file name selected by the users to be registered or verified along with the file information, such as the size and the type of the file.
The optional information entered by the user in the "File Detail Information" fields.

How we use your information
Your information will only be used to provide you with the DeepVaultOnline services. DeepVaultOnline is not interested in your information. DeepVaultOnline is not interested in selling your information or sharing your information with a third-party.

User Information Security
DeepVaultOnline provides you with a secure HTTPS connection. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are visiting our secure HTTPS site with a valid certificate to avoid leaking your information. DeepVaultOnline stores all user information in an encrypted database with backups every two weeks.

Using third-party tools
DeepVaultOnline uses Google Analytics to track general statistics about our visitors. DeepVaultOnline may also use other tools to allow sharing of file certificates and file verification links on social media websites and apps for verification purposes.

Website Analytics Tools
These tools collect basic site usage information such as the number of daily visits to DeepVaultOnline, the pages visited by users, time spent on the site, the number of return visits to the site, types of devices used, etc. This information is then used to maintain the website including monitoring site stability, measuring site traffic, optimizing site content, and improving the experience for our visitors.

Deletion of Account
DeepVaultOnline accounts can be deleted upon the request of the account creator. All the information and all the credits associated with the account to be deleted will be permanently erased and cannot be retrieved. DeepVaultOnline cannot offer credit refund or information retrieval for a deleted account. 

Disclosure of Information
DeepVaultOnline may be forced to share user information to protect us against a potential harm to our rights, our properties, the safety of certain individuals (including without limitations, to satisfy applicable law, regulations, enforceable governmental requests, or legal processes). There may be other reasons such as investigations of potential violations or other unrelated reasons such as security, technical issues and fraud.

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