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Ekstensi dan wallpaper ini dibuat untuk browser Opera.

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Ikon untuk Drednot Utilities

Drednot Utilities

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Kebijakan privasi

This addon sends the following information to the Discord-Bot 'Member-List':
This is a token generated by the Discord-Bot which you have to enter in the settings page. It is used to make the bot able to connect your Discord-Account with this extension. It contains no personal information.
This is the Channel-ID of the Channel the game-invite should be send in. It is required to identify the Discord-Channel you want to send a game-invite in.
This is the game-invite to your 'Drednot.io'-ship. It is required to send this invite to a Channel.
This is the 'Drednot.io'-ship-name which is sent in the Discord-Channel together with the invite.

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