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Ekstensi dan wallpaper ini dibuat untuk browser Opera.

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Tris EXTENSION IS NEW, Now you can connect with Tris millions of desktop users via this brand new widget. 
Although the extension is new, tris.com has been around for over a year and is one of the fastest growing search and chat networks, with millions of page views per hour.

Tris has the ability to connect users searching for the same thing in real time. The greatest innovation in Search since Google
-Search is now Social
- Create alerts to be notified as soon as someone searches for a followed keyword
-Collaborate and research with people all over the world searching the same subject
-Live commenting directly in widget, share your thoughts and watch your comment appear in real time on your computer as well millions of others searching the same keyword. 
- Connect with others in the area by going into "near Me" rooms and creating conversations on the fly
- Chat anonymously with others in rooms that are private or public
-Privacy button allows you to turn on privacy and allow you to see rooms available even if privacy is on

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