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These extensions and wallpapers are made for the Opera browser.

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Курьерская доставка + безопасная сделка ikonja

Курьерская доставка + безопасная сделка

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Adatvédelmi leírás

The most current version of Privacy Policy is available atПолитика%20конфиденциальности.pdf

Dostaviter takes your privacy very seriously and adheres strictly to the rules of the Data Protection Act. Dostaviter stores data (I) through your visit and use of the website ( and (II) through your use of the add-on. Personal data is only collected for technical purpose.

In the case of (I) visit and use of the website, following data is collected and stored:
1. Operating system
2. Browser type and version
3. Host Name (IP address) of the accessing computer
4. Time of server request
5. Referrer URL (the page on which they have come to

In the case of (II) use of the add-on, following data is collected and stored:
1. Browser type and version
2. The domains of websites visited while using the add-on
3. Your IP address (for geolocation purpose)
4. Excerpts from the body of the visited web site to determine the context
5. the URL of a proposed site which you have clicked in the add-on

Dostaviter does not collect or store entries made by you on the web nor input or output of data on the SSL / TLS encrypted web pages. All stored data are not assignable to certain persons or individuals. A compilation of the stored data with other external data sources will not be made.

Dostaviter also receives information from third-party websites that you visit by the link offered in the add-on. This should include the pages you visit and information on whether you order a product from this website. Dostaviter gets no personal information about you from third-party websites and all received information obtained in compliance with these conditions.

For the purpose of usage statistics the website and the add-on use analysis of third-party services. These sellers provides similar data as listed above, received automatically by your browser. At no time, we share personally identifiable information with third parties.

Dostaviter secures your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Dostaviter ensures that your personal information you provide on computer servers will be in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Dostaviter does not share your personal data to any third party, unless to process business needs. The reported data is limited to the minimum necessary.
If Dostaviter is required by law or court order, Dostaviter transfer your data only to authorized state institutions and authorities.
All other data that are passed in process of transactions do not contain personally identifiable information (eg. IP addresses) and will not be broken down to individuals.

You always have the right to know about your personal data, their origin and destination and the purpose of storage. Information on the stored data you get at

Dostaviter reserves the right to change these security and data protection measures. Please pay attention to the most current version of the Terms of Use.

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