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Chaidh na leudachain is pàipearan-balla seo a chruthachadh airson brabhsair Opera.

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Opera Ad blocker

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Native Ad blocker

Opera's Ad blocker is built right into the browser. No installation and setup required, just enable ad blocking in the browser settings. Of course, not all ads are evil. You can easily unblock ads on any website, if you want.

Load pages much faster

Our Ad blocker "catches" ads as early as possible, right in the engine, when you first request a webpage. This all happens "under the hood", so all you'll see is how much faster webpages load.

According to our tests, Opera loads content-rich pages up to 90% faster with ad blocking enabled. It's also noticeably faster than the Opera browser combined with various ad blocking extensions.

Stay more private

By blocking ads, you also block the source of many tracking cookies.

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