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These extensions and wallpapers are made for the Opera browser.

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Politique de vie privée

Every resource on a website to be requested from another domain outside the origin is treated as an external. Every request, not even for the purpose of identification, discloses at least IP address of the sender and it's approximate geographical location. Combining together with other information, the external requests can lead to an unauthorized processing of personal data, a privacy leak. Website visitors preserve the right to manage their privacy unconditionally, without the need to investigate an ownership and legality of the affiliated with the domain resources.

NoLeaks extension detects and demonstrates potential privacy leaks in the form of the anonymous affiliation graph:

- origin i.e.
- affiliated website(s) i.e.,
- connection protocol i.e. https
- blocking status i.e. true
- extension ID i.e. jlaflhhepagajpnpheiecamjdpmfclcf

Affiliation graphs are published here for transparency and reporting purposes.

Voir le texte complet de la politique de vie privée.

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