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Estas extensiones y papeles tapiz están diseñados para el navegador Opera.

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Estas extensiones y papeles tapiz están diseñados para el navegador Opera.

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Política de privacidad

Data Privacy information

1. General information
This website and the browser extension is provided by Katrin Grothues as an individual. We provide you with this data privacy policy to inform you of how we handle your personal data collected on this website and the browser extension (our product).


2. Purpose of the Product
The purpose of the product is to auto-decline consent one website which implement selected consent management platforms (CMP).


3. Data Collection

The website does not contain any tracking. The access logs from the website are disabled. So we are not collecting any data from a user visiting our page. The pages are static.


Browser Extension
In order to improve the Quality of our service, we log - in case of a successful block of a consent banner - the following information:

User Agent
Type fo CMP (Consent Management Platform
Version of CMP (if available)
Install, Update and Uninstall of the browser extensions are logged to the backend

For tracking purpose, each browser is assigned a random identifier (UUID). This UUID is passed alone with every request.

You have the possible to send us websites. In this case we store.

User Agent
We don't use cookies

The history of blocked pages is only stored in your browser.

The website as well as the backend for the extensions is hosted in Google Cloud in the data center in Frankfurt

We don't share any information with a 3rd party, proactively

When downloading the extension from the according stores, you agree to the policy of the store and it's distribution tracking. We don't have any influence on data collected through store operators.


4. Rights of data subjects
Please contact the support to assert your rights with regards to the data processed for the operation of this software. Please note that you must address yourself exclusively to the controller in order to assert your rights as a data subject from the processing of personal data us as subprocessor. We reserve the right not to answer such questions or to pass them on to the controller of this data processing.


5. Right to lodge a complaint
We would hereby like to inform you that pursuant to article 77 GDPR you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if you believe that your personal data have been processed illegitimately by us.


6. Final clauses
We reserve the right to adjust this data privacy policy at any point in time to ensure that it is in line with the current legal requirements at all times, or in order to accommodate changes in the services offered, for example when new services are introduced or modifications are made on the website. In this case, the new data privacy statement applies to any later visit of this software.

Version 04-2019

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