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Estas extensiones y papeles tapiz están diseñados para el navegador Opera.

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License Agreement
The following License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is concluded between you, a legal entity or a home user (hereinafter “User”), and Doctor Web Ltd., (hereinafter “Rights Holder”), the owner of the exclusive rights to the Dr.Web family of software (hereinafter “Soft- ware”). The Agreement is subject to the following conditions:
1. The terms herein apply to the use of the Software that accompanies this Agreement.
2. By using the Software, the User fully accepts the terms herein. The User understands that the Software is intended for use by legal entities as well as adult individuals. Therefore, by start- ing to use the Software, the User confirms that: 1) the User has reached the age of majority as defined by the legislation of the country whose citizenship they hold or 2) that the User is entering the current Agreement in the presence of their parents or other legal representatives of the User 3) if the User is a legal person, the individual entering into the Agreement on the User’s behalf confirms that they are authorised to represent the User’s interests and conclude agreements as its lawful representative.
3. If the User disagrees with terms of the present License Agreement, the User has no right to copy, install, launch or use the Software in any other way. Using the Software in a manner that violates the terms herein shall be construed as unauthorised use of the Software and may be subject to civil, administrative, or criminal liability.
4. If the User uses the Software legally and has also accepted and is complying with the terms of the Agreement in full, the User is granted the non-exclusive right to use the Software any- where in the world in the following ways:
1) if the Software can be installed on a computer (including mobile devices and servers), the User is entitled to use the Software by installing it, and launching and loading it into a com- puter’s memory;
2) if the Software cannot be installed on a computer, the User is entitled to use the Software by accessing it over the Internet under their login and password (hereinafter, Account);
3) the User can be granted other user rights if the Rights Holder chooses to provide the User with other rights by stating this explicitly in a corresponding electronic or hard-copy document.
The period during which the User is granted a non-exclusive Software usage license, the num- ber of devices on which the Software can be used, the availability/non-availability of technical support, and other Software terms and conditions are specified in the key file, either under the User’s account or at the source from which the Software usage rights were acquired.
5. By accepting the terms herein, the User also accepts and agrees with the terms of the Rights Holder’s privacy policy published on the Rights Holder’s website policy, and also agrees and understands that any information obtained from the User (in- cluding data the User may provide to the Rights Holder’s support service) can be used by the Rights Holder to send Software-related emails to the email address specified by the User. The User understands and agrees that in the course of its operation, the Software can send the Rights Holder information about the User, the User’s system and applications, actions the User takes with the Account and the Software, and local and other threats detected, and also agrees to receive service messages from the Rights Holder ( cations) via email.
6. The User accepts the terms of the Rights Holder’s privacy policy published at https://com-
7. If the Rights Holder provides support for the Software, the User can receive Software mod- ule updates for their current Software installation via the Internet while their non-exclusive Software usage license is valid. All Software updates are an integral part of the Software and are used solely in conjunction with the Software under the terms of this Agreement, unless other conditions are established by the Rights Holder. If the Rights Holder provides technical support for the Software, the User is entitled, while their non-exclusive license is valid, to con- tact the technical support service of the Rights Holder or of the Software distributor that has contracted with the Rights Holder to provide such services.
     3rd street Yamskogo polya 2-12A, Moscow, Russia, 125040
Tel.: +7 495 789–45–87
Fax: +7 495 789–45–97
    Defend what you create
8. Transferring the Software to third parties and transferring the rights to use the Software to third parties (including the ability to use the Software or the Account) is prohibited. All actions conducted with the Software, by means of the Software, or related to the Software or the Account, are considered to be actions committed by the User or by persons who have been authorised to act on the User’s behalf. The User is not permitted to distribute the Software in any format or by any means. The Software is intended to be used on the User’s computer and by the User to whom it has been registered under the terms herein. The Software usage rights can be transferred to a third party only in cases and under the procedure defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The provisions herein may not apply if the Rights Holder has provided the User with a hard-copy or electronic document that expressly entitles someone else (hereinafter, Other Parties) to use the Software. In this case, the responsibility for the Other Parties’ actions lies entirely with the User. Any Rights Holder interaction with Other Parties is regarded as interaction with the User. Prior to publishing or in any other way disseminating the contents of any informational materials related to the Software, the Account, the Rights Holder, or the User’s experience with the Software, the User (or third parties that use information provided by the User) must obtain written approval from the Rights Holder regardless of the methods and media used to publish the information or make it otherwise available. The commercial use of information about the User’s experience with the Software always requires prior written consent from the Rights Holder.
9. The user may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or perform any other actions with the Software’s object code aiming to obtain information about algorithms implemented in the software unless you are compelled to perform such actions by the law or have a written permission from the Rights Holder to do so. The User may not modify the protection mechanism of the Software. Knowingly using, distributing, and/or copying the Software when the self-protection mecha- nism has been removed or is non-operational is illegal.
10. The Software, its components, and the accompanying documentation are provided to the User “as is”, without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The Software is not meant to be used and may not be used in information systems where the Software’s failure may endanger the health or life of a human being or cause losses of any kind. The User agrees and understands that the Rights Holder is and will not be responsible for any possible losses, damage or other conse- quences that arise or may arise in (including but not limited to) the following situations: 1) during installation, upgrading, supporting and while being used (including compatibility problems with other programs or their components, hardware, drivers, etc), 2) due to the misinterpretation of instruction in the documentation, 3) in the event of a discrepancy between the usage results and expectations, 4) if the Software updates can’t be provided or received, 5) if the payments for telecom services and traffic increase, 6) if insufficient information (including false contact information) has been provided. The User understands and agrees that the Rights Holder has no way to control their use of telecommunication services and traffic, and therefore, the responsibility with regard to the use of telecommunication services and traffic rests solely with the User. The Rights Holder recommends the User to back up their data regularly.
11. The relationship between the Rights Holder and the User under this Agreement is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. All disputes related to the adherence to the terms herein are to be resolved in the relevant courts at the Rights Holder’s location.
12. Outside technologies and applications may be incorporated into the Software in cases where the corresponding rights have been acquired under the laws of the Russian Federation and international law.
13. This agreement does not grant the User rights to trademarks, technologies, or design features of the Rights Holder or to other products of intellectual activity.
14. The Rights Holder reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the Agreement unilaterally (including in situations when the User violates the terms of the Agreement) and deny the User the ability to use the Software without compensating the User for any damage caused by a refusal of this kind.
15. The Rights Holder can change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally. The User is notified when a new version of the Agreement enters into force by a means and within the time frame acceptable to the Rights Holder. By continuing to use the Software after a new amendment of the Agreement has entered into force, the User accepts its terms in full.
16. Contact Information
Address: 2-12A, 3rd Yamskogo polya str., Moscow, Russia, 125040 Reg. #1047796021723/TIN: 7714533600

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