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These extensions and wallpapers are made for the Opera browser.

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Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

This page informs of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when use KellyC Favorites extension.

1. How and why the extension collects and uses data            
1.1 Method of saving data and general information       
- For store data, the extension uses localStorage (used by default) or Web Storage API ("Browser API", disabled and optional) depending on the settings of the extension. localStorage and "Browser API" are mechanisms to store small amount of data (localStorage - up to 4MB of data, "Browser API" - up to 256MB) on your device. This data is not synchronized and not automatically copied anywhere else.

This extension collects the data below (hereinafter referred to as "user personal data"):

information about bookmarked publications (hereinafter, "information about bookmarked publications" means lists of links to publications and comments, text of comments saved in bookmarks, links to images contained in bookmarked publications)

extension settings (hereinafter, the "extension settings" means the settings from the "Settings" section of extension, form with the parameters from the "Downloads" section and the "Upload to data profile" form on the user bookmarks page)

- Described collected data is necessary for correct work of the "add to favorite" function.

- The user can completely delete information about bookmarked publications, provided to the application or get a copy of this data through the extension control panel (Settings - Profiles).

- The user can completely remove all the settings and all the data on the selected publications provided to the extension through the removal of the extension.                          - The extension does not collect user data automatically. User can controll which information and when the extension saves based on the list of actions described in paragraph 1.2.

- The extension does not share user data with other extensions or any other services (see the 2 section).

1.2 List of actions that activate the saving of personal user data
The following actions activate saving data to LocalStorage or Browser API on your device:
Click on the "add to favorites" (in an alternate version - click on icon  in the sidebar of publications).

The extension saves the settings of the "Downloads" section when changing the values ​​form fields in this section.

The extension saves the settings of the form "Upload to profile data" when changing the values ​​of form fields.

The extension saves the settings in the "Settings" section by clicking on the "Save" button of the settings form or when clicking on the "Create" button (in the "Profiles" section)

2. Providing personal data to third parties
The extension does not provide access to user personal data to third-party extensions and third parties. User personal data is stored locally on user device and is not transmitted anywhere else.

3. Restricting access to personal information
To restrict access to the extension to the user personal data, delete the profile containing bookmarks ("default" profile is used by default), access to which should be limited by entering its name in the extension control panel in the "Delete profile" section (Settings - Profiles). Data will be completely deleted without the possibility of recovery. (if the extension needs to later return access to the data, you must first download a backup of the data from options section). All data will be completely removed after updating the page with the extension. Alternatively, you can completely remove the extension through the browser extension control panel.

4. Ability to refuse to collect information
To be able to refuse to collect information, you must not perform actions that activate save to locacalStorage or Browser API of user presonal data (discrabed in paragraph 1.2)

See the full text of the privacy policy.

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