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1. Conclusion of the Contract

1.1 To use Solution it is needed that you as a consumer (the "User") shall install the a desktop program. 

1.2 We mainly use English in a contractual relationship between us and the customer, but also provide our Privacy Policy and the Terms in other languages. 

1.3 You have the right to use Solution only for personal purposes. If it is not allowed by us in writing, commercial use is prohibited. 

2. Registration and E-Mail

2.1 You warrant the accuracy of the information noted by you during registration and having the right to use the e-mail address that was provided. You must notify us immediately if your contact details change. 

2.2 A valid e-mail address must be provided at the moment of registration.

2.3 The purpose of the provision of your e-mail address is the creation of a user account, as well as the communication with you or providing you with information in accordance with the rules. Every Paid service users need to be registered with a valid email. 

2.4 In addition, we will use the email address noted by you to notify you of any changes in Solution. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can disable the use of your e-mail address at any time by e-mail . When you contact us by e-mail on this issue, please make sure you are using the e-mail address that you noted during registration. 

3. Contents

3.1 You need to install our desktop software to use Solution services. 

3.2 When installation is complete, you can choose which of our servers or points of connection in different countries should be used for access to the websites through VPN connection. 

3.3 Your rights and obligations in connection with the use of Solution, as well as liability issues are described in the remaining provisions of the Terms, provided that in this particular case no additional terms of service are applied. 

4. Using Restrictions

4.1 You agree not to use Solution for illegal purposes, in particular, not to create any following lines: 

Content that incites hatred against parts of the population, or racial, sexual, religious or national group, or incites violence or arbitrary action against such groups and violates human dignity by insulting maliciously degrading or defaming parts of the population or any of the groups mentioned above;

Content that shows minors in unnatural positions with sexual overtones, pornographic, especially a content that shows violence, images of child abuse or sexual interactions between humans and animals, as well as content that violates any other provisions made to protect minors.

Content which promotes games for which a permit from the authorities is needed.

Threatening, abusive, defamatory or any other offensive content or any other xenophobic or racist remarks.

Content that may violate privacy of people and/or their general personal rights and/or may put a person under pressure.

Content which may violate a right of third parties to images that picture them;

Content that infringes intellectual property/copyright of third parties, for example, images that do not have the license which is necessary.

4.2 You agree not to engage in any copyright infringement by using Solution. 

4.3 You must refrain from any activity which is aimed at interfering with the functioning of Solution. 

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 Solution graphic elements and software used are protected by copyright. Any reproduction, modification, distribution or storage of Solution or copyrighted Solution information can be allowed only to the extent necessary for Solution use. Any other use without our consent is prohibited. 

5.2 In case of transmission or download of the software, the user receives no right of ownership for corresponding copy. The user receives a non-exclusive right to use it during the term of the Terms. In case of termination of Solution use, you are required to remove the program  immediately. Since the right of using limited by personal use, you can not allow third parties to use Solution via your account. 

6. Accounts Suspension and control policy

6.1 We do not collect information about web services that you can access using Solution. Thus, we do not accept any responsibility for the behavior of the user. 

6.2 In case of specific circumstances pointing to a violation by sections 4 and 5 of this Terms, we can respond, as described below, taking into account all the circumstances of the particular case and considering the interests of the user:

When selecting the sanctions in such cases, we will pay enough attention to severity of the violation and the degree to which you are responsible for it.

We will warn the user in each case, if it is appropriate.

If the suspicions that the user is not able to meet the requirements of sections 5 and 6 are confirmed, we have the right to fully or partially block or delete an account. The user account, however, can be removed only in case of repeated violation of the Terms, or if it acts with intent to cause damage, or for the purpose of enrichment.

7. Our Liability

7.1 Solution encrypts your page views in order to protect your surfing and your communication. To do this, we are taking the measures that are set out in the description of services, Privacy Policy and the Terms. However, we can not guarantee that these measures can not and will not be completed by third parties, and that your information is absolutely safe from access by third parties. 

7.2 With respect to other damage, our liability in connection with the violation of important contractual obligations is limited to the damage that is typical in the performance of contractual services. 

7.3 In respect of all other damages and breaches of obligations, we and the staff we use to perform a task following our instructions, as well as employees we use to perform a specific task, as well as our legal representatives, are not responsible. 

7.4 In case of loss as a result of the user data damage, we do not accept any responsibility if such losses could have been avoided by regular, adequate and comprehensive copying of all relevant data by the user. 

8. Paid service

With respect to paid service, the following provisions also apply to those mentioned above. 

8.1. Agreement 

8.1.1 Contract of paid services shall enter into force on the date of registration in the system of payment by your choice, your acceptance of the Terms and our acceptance of the contract. 

8.1.2 Upon registration in Solution and full entrance of the payment information into the system, you approve the mandatory tender offer to conclude a contract for the use of the relevant Solution services. 

8.1.3 Our commitment shall happen not later than giving you the access to our paid Solution services. 

8.2 Costs 

8.2.1 Our description of services reflects all expenses related to our services and discounts. 

8.2.2 There are the following modes of use:
- Free;
- Paid service;

8.2.3 Duration of the contract can not be suspended. Thus, in this case, recovery is not possible. 

8.2.4 We can offer various payment options without any obligations. 

8.2.5 In case the user does not fulfill his obligation to pay fees, we have the right to block the user's access to paid Solution services. 

8.3 Payments and Refunds: 

8.3.1 Payment methods:
- Credit card, paypal;
- Other payment systems.

8.3.2 WHOIX LTD return the money within 30 days from the date of payment to users who are not satisfied. In the case of credit cards and paypal we will initiate the refund. In the case of other methods of payment the money will be sent to the same account within 7 days. 

9. Privacy Policy

9.1 All information which regulates the collection, processing and use of personal data is contained in the Privacy Policy. 

10. Technical Requirements

10.1 You need a computer with internet access to be able to use the Solution. 

10.2 Solution requires Internet access. Downloading and using Solution can cause data transfer costs (charged by your ISP). 

10.3 Software Requirements:
- Computer - Windows 7 and above
- Mac – MacOS 10.6 and above 
- Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian

11. Termination of Free services

11.1 Each of the parties has the right to refuse to use the free service at any time by removing the desktop software. 

11.2 Deletion of the account comes via contacting support. 

12. Changes to our Terms

12.1 We can change the Terms at any time without explanation. Our Terms with amendments will be provided to the user in specified manner, possible through e-mail. 

12.2 The Terms with amendments shall be considered approved if the user does not object within one month after receipt of such notice. The objection must be presented in writing, for example via e-mail. 

12.3 If the User objects to the Terms with amendments, both parties are entitled to terminate the contract. In this case, the contract ends either immediately or upon expiration of the agreed contract period for the provision of paid services. 

13. Official means of communication

13.1 The official means of communication is e-mail 

14. Final Provisions

14.1 The Parties agree that the laws of the Republic of Cyprus (EU) apply to the Terms and all legal disputes arising from the Terms. 

14.2 The Terms shall not be stored by us as a separate document. 

14.3 The contract is concluded exclusively in the Republic of Cyprus (EU). Contract Language - English. 

14.4 If individual provisions of this agreement are or become invalid or null and void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In this case, the invalid or invalidated provisions should be replaced with the relevant statutory provisions, in accordance with the law.

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