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Distributed among recipients free of charge and free of charge
through computer networks and digital media!

Date of drafting the text of the Agreement: December 10, 2022.

This license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is concluded between the user of the software product (hereinafter referred to as the User) and the author-creator of the software product (hereinafter referred to as the Author).

Before using the software (hereinafter referred to as the Software), carefully read the terms of the Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of the Agreement, you may not use the Software. 
Use of the Software signifies your full acceptance of all clauses of the Agreement.

Main Terms of the Agreement

Software - software product "CryptoHelpMulti", Windows-compatible, 32-bit, with a Russian-language user interface.

User - a person who has entered into an Agreement with the Author and uses or allows others to use the Software on his computer device.

Agreement - this document with the text of a simple license / user agreement for the use of the Software between the User and the Author, which specifies the limits of responsibility of the User and the Author, and the conditions of the Author. 
All provisions of the Agreement apply both to the entire product as a whole and to its individual components. In the event that the competent court recognizes any provisions of the Agreement as invalid, the Agreement continues to operate in the rest.

Responsibility of the User and the Author

1. The responsibility of the User remains within the framework of the legislation of the country of which he is a citizen.
2. Starting to use the Software - clicking the [Accept] button by the User means the conclusion of this Agreement with the Author.
3. The agreement is valid throughout the entire period of use of the software.
4. The author has nothing to do with your money and your personal computer.
5. The user has the right to study and test the software product by any means.
6. The user is granted the right to make and use any number of copies of a copy of the Software.
7. The User is prohibited from distorting / changing / deleting copyright information about the Author and the Software in links to the Software, in descriptions, in copies and in the components of the Software.
8. Software distribution: free.
9. Territory of use of the software: any.
10. Term of using the software: unlimited.
11. Remuneration to the Author for the use of the software: not accepted.
12. The Agreement does not grant the User the right of ownership to the Software and its components, but only the right to use it.
13. Software, including documentation and source code, are the property of the Author.
14. The User may at any time unilaterally terminate the Agreement by deleting all installed copies of the Software from all his computer devices.

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